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Congratulations to all swimmers for their efforts during the season. Below are the club Age Champions for the season, along with our towel award and certificate recipients. Well done, and a sincere “thank you” to all those who assisted and contributed throughout the year, without your efforts the club would not have been as successful [more]


Congratulations to the 17 East Brisbane Swim Club members who qualified and represented the club at the recent Australian Age Swimming Championships in Sydney across 71 events. This is the largest contingent of swimmers we have ever sent to this meet. All swimmers performed exceptionally well against the top age group swimmers in the country. [more]


Congratulations, and thank you, to the following people who were elected to the East Brisbane Swim Club Management Committee at last evenings Annual General Meeting and Club Presentation night.  We know you all will do a great job in guiding the club through season 2014 – 2015.   President Ross Young Vice President Stephen Holt Treasurer [more]


On the weekend of 14-15 June 2014 the Club hosted an A-Grade Short Course swim meet.  The meet was a great success, with over 1500 nominations from more than 300 swimmers.  Even the weather played its part, cool but sunny – a perfect day to be at the pool!   

While I have attended and helped out at many swim meets, this was my first as President and I had a chance to look more closely at the whole event, the preparation and the organisation on the day.  There is an enormous effort from many people that makes the meet the success it is.  I personally want to thank the many volunteers who made the success of the meet possible. 

The planning and attention to detail in the weeks before lay the foundations for a great meet.  Mark, Cherie and Jackie are at the heart of all the preparations for the meet – the program, raffles, sponsors, flyers, registrations, emails and more.  And, after it’s all over, tidying up the paperwork and administrative details.  The small band who turned out Saturday afternoon set up tents and did much of the “heavy lifting” ahead of the main event Sunday.  They also helped with running the Saturday afternoon distance events.  With Wayne on microphone keeping the show running, Jackie in marshalling and Cherie on computer the afternoon went without a hitch.

The team returned in the dark early Sunday morning to finish the job of setting up and getting ready to greet the first competitors and their supporters for the 7am warm-up.  Graeme Abeya and his team fired up the BBQ and breakfast was ready for the early arrivals.  Dr Chips, Matt Lello had the chips hot and crispy. 

There is a lot of activity during the meet, and much of the critical work is done out of sight. Belinda, her family and the team at the front gate played an important role in getting people into the pool in the right frame of mind for a day of hard racing, as well as collecting entry money and selling raffle tickets.   Vicki and her team in marshalling – Rob, Kate, Natalie and Wayne – kept the swimmers organised and calm, and the event rolling smoothly and on time.  The timekeepers are an important ingredient for the day – the reason the swimmers are here is to get times to qualify for Regional and State meets later in the year.  We had plenty of people from East Brisbane, and the attending Clubs, to fill the 24 timekeeper’s chairs throughout the day. Hayley on the microphone entertained the crowd and kept everyone up to date as the day progressed.  Cherie on the computer made sure the electronic system worked faultlessly though the day and results flowed to Meet Mobile.  And Catherine and Ida on the medals stand did a great job to make sure all the swimmers were acknowledged and received the rewards for their efforts.

It was also great to see many of our senior swimmers helping out – in the BBQ, in the kitchen and around pool deck.  I thought special mention should go to Ayden and Nick, who turned up from their Churchie Boarding House just after 6, helped set up, worked on the BBQ all morning, swam in the afternoon, helped with the dismantling and were among the last to leave at 4:30. As the crowd thinned and the swimming ended many hands stayed behind to dismantle the tents and other bits and pieces.  And the BBQ team was still serving food to the end, even as the crew was dismantling the tent around them.  Great work Graeme. By 4:30 it was all done and the pool ready for training at 5:30 Monday morning.  It was a great effort by everyone involved.  Thank you.

Ross  Young President East Brisbane Swim Club